The Arts in New York City

“The NAWA exhibit was absolutely fascinating. I went in expecting to see the stereotypical avant-garde art that borders on the edge of strange for pure shock value alone. But I was actually impressed by the exhibit, there was an eclectic arrangement of art that truly demonstrated artistic passion. I only expected there to be paintings, but I was surprised to find intricate woodcuts, introspective photographs, and transcendental sculptures. The first thing that I realized was how colorful and full of life the pieces appeared to be. There was a balanced appreciation of realism and absurdity. Some artworks appeared to make a political statement, others commented on social quandaries, while a few seemed completely free or away from this world. Honestly, I enjoyed it all because they were genuine, skillfully made and full of raw passion.

My favorite pieces were the more natural creations. In particular, I was enchanted by a porcelain sculpture titled “First we Start with the Feathers” by Barbara Berne Smith. This sculpture displayed a family of foxes hunting a bird. The scene was very appealing because it took something natural like a pack of foxes going out for a hunt and then humanized it. I like art that captures a scene in life that is usually overlooked and emphasizes the beauty in it. In this instance, the older foxes were teaching the younglings how to hunt, an essential skill for surviving in the wild, but the scene itself was not wild. Instead it was graceful, delicate, and loving, like when your mother teaches you how to properly cut your food with a knife and fork.”


©2024 Barbara Berne Smith - Porcelain Animal Sculpture